Preventing the dangers of
Texting &
Taking Safety Mobile
Version 2.1+
Product Features
  • Record real time driving habits
    • Acceleration/Deceleration
    • Texting
    • Phone calls
    • Trip distance
  • Scoring system to improve driving
  • Parental control
  • Parents can observe teen driving habits
  • Visual trip and location of violations through Vehawk inSIGHT™
  • Customizable driving settings
  • User violation can be sent to Account Holder via e-mail or push notification via VehawkRemote
  • App automatically senses movement and records set parameters
  • Automatic upload of data to the website
Vehawk Remote
Great for parents of teenage drivers! This app accesses the data from the Android Vehawk app. It automatically receives push notifications from the Vehawk app when violations occur with linked phones.
Version 2.2+
iOS 4.3+